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hi everyone. so here we are with ryse son of rome, a phenomenal game on the xbox one. not only does it havesome of the most amazing graphics i think i’ve ever seen on a console game let alone a pcgame for that matter but it works incredibly well. the basicstory is this. you’re a roman centurion in the romanlegions and you’ve kind of risen through the ranks and you’ve been tasked to travel tobritain to put down an uprising. but things go a little bit wrong. noweverything is kind of done

using really a button combo mechanic, as it were. you have x&y which are your primary attacks. youalso have a which is deflection and you’ll have to watch and time what’sgoing on on the screen because you get surrounded and you’ll have to deflect those blows. now they have these incredible killmoments where you have to execute a series of moveseffectively to get yourself a bonus. now thesebonuses are things like more health, more attackdamage and a focus meter. now your focus meter allows you to kind of go into a

almost bullet time mode where you movefaster than the people attacking you allowing you to put down a flurry of blowson to your enemy and then execute a series of execution moves as it were all at once and it works incredibly well. there’s these great cinematic moments throughout the game where you just kind of feel you’re right there in this roman legion especially when you’rehaving to shout to your kinnect to you know launch catapults or launch arrows etcetera. it becomes areally immersive experience. this is one of those

games that really kind of shows off what akinnect integration could be like if more developers reallyput the time into thinking about what kinnect means to a game. and, like i say, it is one of the most beautifullooking games i think i’ve ever played. using the cryengine 3 and i must sayit’s going to give unreal engine a run for its money thisyear i think or certainly over this generation.everything about this game screams quality and while some reviewershave said it’s a bit of a button basher i don’t really see that. i found it to be anincredibly engaging and fun experience

throughout and at no point did i kind of feel bored by’s just too well done to get bored of. it really is great. so this christmascheck out ryse son of rome would be my personal opinion.

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