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During this video show you how you can transition to living off last month income and grow a buffer over time to get there initially it may take a little longer when you start out you may not have much money but each month find someone the dollars to next month’s buffer let’s say you have a goal of saving five hundred dollars a month for your buffer you start in april it each month to get closer to that goal until finally in september you’ve saved three thousand dollars which is enough to live on.

This is your buffer you’ll use the buffer that you’ve saved to budget within september this will cover your monthly bills hindu budget some money toward rainy day categories as well this will cover your expenses in september but remember you’ll also get painted september and those ph x will replenish the buffer completely and one month now instead of taking several months to get their it’s their right away.

Each month your pay checks represented in green become your buffer for the following months that’s in blue your monthly income replenish his job offer it each month you’ll budget the buffer toward monthly bills rainy day categories and anything else you need this is how you can remove yourself from that pay check to pay check cycle.

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